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Todays blog post will be about Big Data. If you are interested in data analytics, I am sure you came across this term quite often. To fully understand what is “Big Data” we need to look at three main aspects of it, as the are called the 3Vs.

Volume – Shier size of the data that is available that is available and needs to be stored and analyzed.

Variety – The data can be harnessed from many sources; sensors, web, facebook, audio/video files, transaction application.

Velocity – The rate at which the data is generated.

Big Data enables organizations to better understand their customers, build better services and products. Understand customer needs, gain competitive advantage.

For many years people did rely on traditional relational, structured databases, but since new era has emerged – Dig Data.

It is hard to describe what big data is, if you will ask 100 professionals many will have different Big Data definitions, but in general all will agree to the main 3Vs.

The way I do understand what Big Data is, is internal (company) and external company data mixture. The internal data, is structured, normalized, optimized and external data is “chaotic” it is massive (Volume), vast (Variety) and newer ending(velocity). The combination of these data is the Big Data.

One of the main challenges of the big data was the storage and computing requirements. The traditional database mechanisms are not good for big data. One of the solutions is Hadoop. I will cover it it my next blog post

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